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Transformation Today
About Us

                                                                         Who Are We

Established in 2003, Transformation Today is an international, interdenominational outreach organization with the mission to take the gospel  around the world and to show Christ's love in practical ways.

Earnest Jeyaraja, founder and CEO of Transformation Today, says this:

"It is our desire to transform the daily lives of men and women with the power and the message of Christ in practical, physical and spiritual ways.  The desire was born out of hearing the testimonies of the power of Christ to change every aspect of life.  The heart of God is to bring revival and restoration to communities, for with spiritual revival comes the transforming power of God to bring hope and significance into daily life.  Transformation Today works with people from diverse backgrounds who endure hardship and who are hopeless and hurting.  It is our heart to bring people into the freedom of a life healed by the blood of Christ."

It is our dream to see the vision behind what we do become a part of the daily life of God's people and that together we would bear testimony to the power of God to transform lives.

The needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever. Psalm 9:18 ESV

                                                                                                                         What We Do

1.       Education and Family Services - We provide scholarships for grade school tuition, supplies, uniforms.  We also provide scholarships to youth  pursuing a college education.  Our compassion ministries find orphaned children a home and a family as well as giving them continued financial support.  Monthly feeding programs are held for the distribution of food supplies to families in need.

2.       Evangelism - As we conduct crusades across India as well as gospel presentation during medical camps, school programs, we pave the way for church planting and ministry among the hundreds of unreached people groups in India.

3.       Healthcare - We train and utilize volunteer medical workers to reach the people of remote areas who don't have access to basic medical care by offering free medical camps.  We typically treat 1000 people a month through these medical camps.  We work with local pastors at our clinics to ensure follow-up visits with patients and the continued planting of the seeds of the gospel in their hearts.


How can we more effectively fulfill this calling?  This year we are concentrating on establishing a Transformation Today Center in India.  The facility would include a clinic, enabling our physicians to bring villagers in for testing, blood work, and further examination.  It would also include a library and education department.


-          We can reach out to more people in remote villages where there is no access to even basic medical care

-          We can train more medical professionals to care for underprivileged people as well as enable physicians who already share our vision to be a part of our work full time

-          We can provide for physical and educational needs of families, in this way enabling children to the fulfill the dreams of their hearts for their own futures

-          We can plant more churches so that those who are lost without hope for tomorrow may find a community where they can grow in Christ's love.

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P.O. Box 385555 Bloomington, MN 55438-5555
Phone: (952) 232-4900