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Volunteer Guideline
Volunteer Guideline

Discover Center Volunteer Guidelines
An after-school community educational, discipleship and leadership development program for children.

Discover Center Basics

Getting started on Wednesdays

Your regular attendance is very important to your student!  All coaches please arrive by 5:00pm.  If you are not driving or riding, use the time to prepare and plan your evening.  Keep a log of your weekly lessons/assignments/activities in provided notebook.  This will be helpful in the event we need a substitute coach.

Keep track of student’s attendance in provided folder

Student behavior and rules

Set clear positive guidelines for behavior and consequences when behaviors become out of control.  General rules are: Obey coaches and leaders promptly; speak and walk softly in the hallways; remain in the Discover Center assigned areas and do not wander the building; treat others with respect and use kind words to solve problmes; help put materials away when time is over.

Disruptive behavior should be handled in the classroom, never in isolation with the coach and child alone.

Remind him/her that participation in Discover Center is a privilege that he/she could lose.  Try changing activities if the child is uncooperative with what you’re doing.

Make it clear that you are in control, not the student.  Be careful not to establish a pattern of letting the student run things. (But offering a student reasonable choices is appropriate.)

If a problem persists bring the student to one of the coordinators.

Use of facility

Coaches and students should come through the church’s main entrance.

All coaches and students will begin their time in the sanctuary for the worship.  Once the worship time is complete, coaches should lead their students through each assigned area. 


Never be anywhere with a child alone.  Observe a three-person policy at all times.  You do not need to accompany your child into the bathroom – just make sure they come out in a reasonable amount of time!

You and your student must remain in the church building, in Discover Center areas, from the time you arrive until dismissal.  No outdoor activities or off-site trips.

Do not allow children to run or jump in the building or climb on or under chairs and tables.

Students need to remain with you at all times – from tutoring, sports, leadership etc.

Keep your personal belongings with you at all times.  We can’t guarantee the security of personal items.

Absences/weather cancellations

Sign the absence chart if you are planning on being absent.  A substitute will be contacted by the coordinator.  Please notify your student as well if you will be absent.  Your regular attendance is very important to your student.

If you anticipate an extended absence, let a coordinator know as soon as possible. Please check with a coordinator before finding your own substitute.

If an emergency arises and you’re unable to attend, please let a coordinator know as far in advance as possible.  In case of an emergency on Wednesday afternoons, call Earnest (612-207-7742). 

If Discover Center is cancelled in the event of bad weather, we will begin notification by 3:00pm.  Please call your student immediately to let them know.  If the weather is bad and you haven’t gotten word of cancellation, please wait until after 3:00pm before calling a coordinator.


All mileage incurred through your involvement in Discover Center – including driving to and from the church – is tax deductible.  A form is included in your folder to help you keep track of your Discover Center mileage. 


If you have a student from a Spanish-speaking family, we encourage you to make use of one of the interpreters available to us.  (John & Kathie Pederson at 218-760-0027 or 218-760-0029.)  Students are fluent in English, but their parents may not be.

Contact your student at least once per week—via phone or mail.  Ask how their day/week is going and remind them about upcoming Discover Center program.  A pre-arranged personal visit would be appropriate, as you want to develop a relationship with the parents as well.

We will provide your student’s family with your personal phone number so they can contact you in the event of an illness.  Please notify a coordinator if your child will be absent.  You may still be needed as a substitute for that evening.

If you observe special student or family needs, please pass those along to coordinators.  We may be able to assist them.  Our desire is to minister to the whole family, and you are the liaison between us and the family.

Your student’s schoolteacher may be a great resource for you by suggesting academic areas that need special attention.  Most teachers can be contacted through the school website.

We encourage you to plan one or two outings with your student during the year and again in the summer – because of the 3-person policy, however, we suggest you coordinate with another coach for a joint outing.  If you’d like to plan a large-group outing with several coaches and students, let a coordinator know.  We are able to make announcements to other coaches on your behalf, but the arrangements are up to you.

Remember birthdays and special events in your student’s life.

Pray for your student and listen to his/her heart.  Share your love for Jesus with your student and family as the Lord provides the appropriate times.  Also remember to pray for your fellow coaches.  Ask other friends and relatives to pray for you.

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