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Discover Center is an after school mentorship program for Adults and Children.  Discover Center's primary function is to empower familes by transforming their daily life through spiritual discipleship, educational empowerment and leadership development.   

Discover Center in Bloomington is conducted by volunteering partners of various organizations and individuals from the local community.  Discover Center was founded by Global Harvest Church in 2006 under the name of Global Kidz.   And Global Harvest Church continues to be one of the major sponsors of this program in Bloomington.  

Target area includes the following areas: Bloomington, Eagan, Eden Prairie, Edina and Richfield cities.  Here are some program details:

Who can attend? 

After-School Program: All children from 1st to 6th grade are eligible to attend.  This free program includes dinner, reading and math classes, music and Sports.

Adults Program include Driving Lessons, ESL Classes, Financial Stewarship Class, Resource Center, Marriage and Family Enrichment Classes (Some classes are seasonal and time do vary,  please contact the office for current information).

Future Program: Free Food Distributions and free community medical clinic. 


After-School Program: Wednesdays from 5:30pm through 7:30pm, and held at Crosspoint Church 9801 France Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55431.  

Need Help? We are open to help anyone who is in need of help.  Our consultation is free.  We partner with many local and national businesses and government agencies to adequetly meet the needs of our clients.  

Want to Parner?  If you're a local businesses or church organization, and would like to parner with us to support our community outreach, please contact our office: (952) 232-4900, Email:

Global Kidz Program:
- Mentoring immigrant children from ages 4 through 14 
- Teaching life skills
- Discipling with Biblical Values
- Empowering & Educating the children with God given talents

Adult Learning Center:
- Teaching adults language Skills
- Discipling with biblical Values
- Empowering the immigrants with life skills 

- Teaching the immigrant individual Social and cultural adjustment, Interview training, Parenting skills, Permarital counciling & Marriage counciling etc.

- Driving Skills
- Medical Interpertation and other translation needs

Resource Center:
- Transitional Help 
- Housing Needs
- Transportation Needs
- Job Search 
- Medical Needs
- Legal Needs



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P.O. Box 385555 Bloomington, MN 55438-5555
Phone: (952) 232-4900